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Attraction Test

Find out what types of people you're attracted to!
Attraction Test
This fun quiz will assess what types of people you are attracted to. You'll be asked to rate the attractiveness of various men or women and, at the end, we'll tell you what qualities you find most appealing and how your responses compare to other people's. This quiz takes about 10-15 minutes.

More coming soon!

Sexuality Study
Answer various questions about your sexual activities and find out how your answers compare to other people's. Also, we'll describe a person to you and you'll answer questions about how willing you would be to date/have sex with this person.

Crime and Criminals
Take a personality quiz and view a picture of a criminal. Then you'll answer some questions about your perception of this criminal. Feedback at the end! This quiz takes about 10-15 minutes.

Religion Study
Who donates more often to charity? Christians? Atheists? Who prays more? Regardless of your religoius beliefs (or if you're an atheist or agnostic), participate in this 5 minute quiz to find out how your beliefs and behaviors compare to other people's!

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